Although we don’t have a show at the Edinburgh festivals this year, that doesn’t mean, of course, that we’re not diving headlong into everything that this wonderful month in our beautiful city brings to us.

We’re seeing many shows – some that have been recommended to us, some that we’re seeing to support colleagues or pals and some that have just caught our eye.

We’re also taking part in panel discussions and making the most of the opportunity to have meetings with our counterparts from around the world in the hope of establishing new creative relationships for future projects.

We hope we might spot you in queues for shows (or drinks!) but, if you’re not in Edinburgh this August, we’re sure you’ll join us in wishing all the talented and brave souls on and behind our stages, in our box offices, running our venues, serving the hungry and the thirsty masses, all the people who have made these festivals happen and all the folk keeping our city safe and clean, a happy, healthy and, fingers crossed, dry(ish) festival season!