“Grid Iron is not just a Scottish national treasure but one of the companies that has shaped British theatre over the last 20 years.”

“We are fortunate in Scotland to have one of the best exponents of the site-specific genre in the world in Grid Iron.”

“Grid Iron are surely now one of the most sophisticated site-specific theatre makers in Europe.”

“Grid Iron, one of Scotland’s boldest and most influential groups of the last two decades.”

“Site-specific is the most vigorously disciplined, &, when good, exhilarating form of theatre. When is it good? When Grid Iron does it.”

“Grid Iron, a company that has always been in the vanguard of site-responsive theatre.”

“One of Scotland’s most relevant, resourceful and committed companies”

“Long before “immersive” became a buzz word, this company were enticing audiences into parallel universes to often-stunning effect.”

Our Current Production

From the novel by Erlend Loe, translated by Don Bartlett and Don Shaw.
Adapted and directed by Ben Harrison

Throughout the summer we worked towards giving some live performances of this new out-door, small scale show, originally planned for Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Despite our best efforts, it just wasn’t to be, but read on to find out how you will be able to see the work we’ve done on Doppler so far.

Our Current Production

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View Our Showreel

Take a quick trip through some of our early shows. You’ll also find short videos of more recent work on our YouTube channel.

Latest News

From new show announcements, workshop opportunities or even just nice things that have happened for us, we’ll keep you updated here.

Welcome to our new site!

We are delighted to welcome you to our brand, spanking new website, designed by the mighty Paul Galbraith at Edinburgh’s 16K Design Works.

Update on Doppler

As those of you who follow us on social media or who are on our mailing list will know, unfortunately we were unable to manage any live performances of Doppler at the end of August after all.


We are cautiously excited to announce our new outdoor show, Doppler, which we hope to bring live to audiences in Edinburgh towards the end of August.

Lead by Design Bursaries

In collaboration with The Envelope Room, we have a unique opportunity for designers! We are offering 3 bursaries for designers (set, costume, lights or video) to spend an intensive week developing an idea they have for a visual design led, site inspired piece of work.

A visitor to the office!

Our lovely Patron, Emma Quinn, and her colleague Andy called in to see our newly decorated office and especially the ‘Wall of Quinn’!

Strange Tales

Our brand new show, Strange Tales, a co-production with Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, is receiving lovely four star reviews and great audience reactions. On until 21st December, it’s one not to be missed!


Grid Iron are supported by Creative Scotland as a Regularly Funded Organisation


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